Louise Parker

I’m a modern country singer/songwriter with American enthusiasm and good ol’ fashioned English self-deprecating humour!

I have toured North America and the UK and I’ve also been performing around Europe!

I write from the heart about my travels, love and loss and the expectations and realities of being an independent artist in the 21st century. There is definitely a song for everyone in my ever growing repertoire.

In October 2017, I moved to Nashville for five months and Austin for one month with Lawrence (cajon) to play gigs and focus on honing my sound.

Upon returning to the UK in April 2018, I have been fortunate enough to play shows all over the UK; I’ve been featured on BBC Introducing in Essex AND played live on BBC Radio Kent. ​

‘Paradise’ was released February 14th 2019 and will be the first of five singles to be released this year. ‘Chances Are’, my second single, is scheduled for release April 27th 2019.










Louise Parker

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