JakLash Cat

JakLash Cat are a three piece Chester band, with an Americana / country rock influence, who write and perform their own songs.

The line-up consists of Phil “Lash” Blundell on rhythm guitar and vocals, John “Jak” Evans on bass guitar and Steve “Cat” Pyne on lead guitar.

Having been friends for many years and realising that each of them already played guitar, they decided, a few years ago, to form a band. This was partly inspired by a stranger who approached them in a pub one night and said “You look as if you guys must be in a band!” So, after many hours of practice and a lot of busking, they’re now looking for opportunities to take on more gigs.

Not long ago, they were featured on Liverpool Football Club’s Sky TV channel, performing one of their original songs “Old Man” at the end of the Thursday night talk show. In November 2018, they were interviewed on Radio Deeside’s Live@Five programme, which also featured tracks from their forthcoming album.

​Following the release of that album “Promises and Vows” in April 2019, the band have an extensive marketing and promotion plan in place, which includes applying to play in festivals.

JakLash Cat

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